Personalized Travel Planning

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With any company you want to travel..


Mary is Here will be your autopilot, to live with your partner a dream trip.


Mary is Here will be your map to share with your company an adventure of a lifetime.


Mary is Here will be your compass to build unforgettable family memories.


Mary is Here will be your guide to opening the window to new places and people.


Mary is Here will be your accomplice in creating a trip out of the ordinary.

.. and for whatever occasion you want to travel ..

City Trip

Which city do you want to meet? and who can resist the discovery of the new, tied up harmoniously with the feeling of being “native”?

Just Married

You can continue to live your dream together with your mate on a trip only yours, just for you!

Road Trip

There is no greater sense of freedom and satisfaction than that of a traveler who is lost in unknown paths to discover new worlds and there is no challenge worth more than that!

Romantic Trip

An experience that will help you get lost with your heart mate on your heart’s journey!

Business Trip

An opportunity for unique days of carelessness, with people sharing your routine and routine!

Personalized travel organization services

Imagine and live the journey of the heart in Greece and Italy

Live the unique experience of designing your trip and let an experienced personal trip organizer to be the path towards your destination.

We take you to a place, after we make sure we get to know it enough to become “local experts”.

You can dream your journey and then we can prepare the journey of your dreams tailored to your needs and help you manifest it.

I share my travel experiences and I help you create your own

Only with Mary is Here you can bring your own choices, your own dreams, your own desires to life.

Only with Mary is Here you will make a journey, with the organization and the preparation that you yourself would envisage, had you the time needed and the required knowledge.

Only with Mary is Here you will experience a fully planned journey, while at the same time you’ll enjoy freely your destination along with your travel companions

Only with Mary is Here you will experience your journey as a true traveler and not just a tourist.

What is it that spikes your curiosity and awakens your deepest desires?

A City Trip for the true and genuine contact with a city?

A Road Trip of adventures and exploration?

Would you choose the originality of eco-tourism or maybe the unparalleled routes of wine?

Perhaps a unique acquaintance with the culture, the civilization, the history and the art?

How about a magnificent gastro-experience?

Or maybe a bit of everything?

Tell us, what can we do for you?

Take care of your booking, which among a variety of choices it will be the one that best covers your needs and preferences.

Plan a daily program, as detailed or concise as you desire in order to match your own requirements, filled with activities from a great variety.

Your participation and the time you will devote for the preparation of your journey will always be personalized and flexible, in accordance to your daily routine and external obligations.

The flexibility of your program responds to your habits and to the level of safety and freedom which are important to you.

The frequency and medium of our communication before and during your trip will be tailored to your personal style.

Among a variety of flexible possibilities, you will decide your own personalized level of support that you will have during your trip.

After your return, Mary is Here creates for you and offers a video spot with your most beautiful moments, because every journey in the end is nothing more than a multitude of amazing memories which we want to revive so as to get this sweet feeling of nostalgia and fulfillment.

Generally flexible use of the services at the level that matches your needs.

Guiding tours whenever and wherever you wish, by guides fluent in Greek.

Reservations at restaurants where, togeter with the locals, you will enjoy the unique experience of tasting a truly authentic cuisine.

Do you want to offer a special gift to people special to you? You can choose the organization of a trip of which we will take care in the best possible way!